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Motorola Bag Phone

Motorola Bag Phone is the popular name for a brand of portable cell phones manufactured by Motorola, Inc from 1990-2000. These were a big deal in the 90s, especially for people who worked jobs that involved more wear-and-tear, like trucking, fishing, and farming. Compared to the other cell phones of the time, Bag Phones offered much more durability and wattage (up to 3 watts).

Bag Phones followed a design similar to the Tough Talker, a brand of portable and durable phones developed by Motorola in the late 80s. Like its tough talking predecessor, Bag Phones had a modular design in which the handset attached to a transceiver. The transceiver could be powered either by the power systems in cars or other vehicles, or through a transportable battery pack. However, unlike its predecessor, Bag Phone was much more attractive to the average consumer. The phone’s smaller and lighter design coupled with its fashionable leather bag made it quite the catch.

These days, Motorola Bag Phones are considered collector’s items (crazy, right?). This is because the phones were designed to operate on the AMPS and TDMA networks, both of which have been extinct since 2008. Fortunately, these phones are easy to find. They were so durable that a good deal of people still own the ones they bought in the 90s!



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