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Redman (real name Reggie Noble) is a rapper and actor from Newark, New Jersey. Born in 1970, he rose to prominence as a member of Def Records in the 1990s, and eventually established a following through his collaborations with Method Man in music, movies, and TV shows.

When Redman released his first LP, Whut? Thee Album, in 1992 he was immediately met with commercial success. Critics praised its funk influences and the record went gold. Redman’s second album Dare Iz a Darkside gained him further notoriety for producing his own tracks. After his third album in 1996, Redman signed up with the group Def Squad and made fast friendships with Tupac Shakur and Method Man. Though Shakur died later that year, Redman and Method Man collaborated extensively from then on, recording their first album together in 1999. Initially called Amerika’s Most Blunted, it was later changed to Blackout!, a more appealing name for the mass market. A sequel to the album, Blackout 2!,  was released in 2009.

Though Redman continued rapping in the 21st century, he also discovered success (along with Method Man) in acting. In 2001, the duo starred in the stoner comedy How High?, in which they played two pot-smoking slackers attending Harvard. The film is now a cult classic, and Method Man stated in 2013 that he and Redman were working on a sequel. Redman also appeared on Chapelle’s Show and The Jamie Foxx Show before he and Method Man starred in their own short-lived TV program Method & Red. The two also performed the “Pixies Rap” for a Nickelodeon Fairly OddParents movie called School’s Out! The Musical.



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