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Skippy Squeeze Stix

Skippy Squeeze Stix were the 9 ounce tubes of Skippy peanut butter that were popular in the 90s, especially among teens. The commercial became as memorable as the Skippy Squeeze Stix themselves: “Squeeze! It’s the Skippy, it’s the Skippy you squeeze!”

The concept of peanut butter in a tube was quite genius and kids loved it. They were a convenient, on-the-go snack that tasted just like Skippy peanut butter.

Some issues with the Skippy Squeeze Stix were that the tube didn’t ever rip cleanly across! It was so annoying to have this extra flap of plastic at the corner of your mouth when you suck on the tube. Another problem was the box, which was relatively big yet only held 6 tubes. Personally, I could eat two throughout the day. So it became costly and wasteful to buy these near empty boxes of Skippy Squeeze Stix, and this was quite apparent to parents who do the grocery shopping. Either make the box smaller or actually fill it up!

Regardless of the small inconveniences of the tube, and the sparse servings, teens still loved these Squeeze Stix! It is not quite clear why Skippy Squeeze Stix were discontinued, but some say that is was bad marketing on the part of Del Monte (an American food production and distribution company).

Despite the fact that Skippy Squeeze Stix are no longer around, the amazing rap commercial for Skippy Squeeze Stix will forever be remembered.



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