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Stanley Ipkiss

Stanley Ipkiss is the main character in the 1994 film The Mask. He is portrayed by Jim Carrey.

In the beginning of the film, Stanley Ipkiss is shown to be a shy and luckless banker, who suffers from the old cliche of “nice guys finish last. He is verbally abused by his boss, taken advantage of by his car mechanics, berated by his landlord, looked over by women, and thrown out of nightclubs. He also has an affinity for classic cartoons and lives with his faithful dog, Milo.

One night Ipkiss jumps in a river to save someone from drowning only to discover trash and a mysterious mask. When he gets home and tries the mask on he is transformed into a green faced, zuit-suited, loud prankster who essentially fulfills Ipkiss’ fantasy of cartoons. He bounces around like a ball, morphs into characters, pulls large weapons from his pocket, has superhuman capabilities, and so on. But most importantly, the mask character gives Stanley a backbone and whopping amount of confidence.

This leads Ipkiss to exact revenge against the people who have wronged him in his life. Throughout the course of the movie we see Ipkiss rob a bank, enrage some gangsters, and go after the girl of his dreams.

Carrey has said that he based the character of Stanley Ipkiss off of his own father as he was “a nice guy, just trying to get by”. The movie itself went on to become a box office success by grossing over $350 million worldwide. The film is also remembered for many of The Mask’s quotes including “Smoking!” and “Somebody stop me”.

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