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Starship Troopers

Starship Troopers is an American sci-fi movie directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring , Dina Meyer, Denise Richards, and Neil Patrick Harris. Although an action movie, the film was intended to be an ironic satire of the American military-industrial complex. The film has a huge cult following and is frequently listed as one of the best movies of the ’90s.

The film takes place in the fictional “Federation”, a militaristic organization that unites all of Earth together. Johnny Rico (Van Dien) is a high school student who has everything he could ever want: he’s wealthy, has a ton of friends and a successful football career, and he’s dating Carmen (Richards), one of the most beautiful girls in the school. All of this changes once Carmen decides to enlist in the war. The war in question is between the citizens of Earth and a race of giant alien bugs known as the “Arachnids” or “Bugs”. Unable to separate from Carmen, Rico enlists as well, but doesn’t experience the same luck and success that Carmen does in the army. When he’s about to quit, an asteroid, deployed by the Arachnids, smashes into his hometown of Buenos Aires, killing millions of people, including his own family.

Driven by rage and grief, Rico joins up with the infantry to assault Klendathu, home of the Arachnids. What follows is a battle of epic proportions that will push Rico, Dizzy (Meyer), and Carmen to their limits. Dizzy, a friend of Rico’s, dies in his arms, and the rest of the infantry suffers enormous casualties. The last hope for Earth’s safety hinges on a mission devised by Rico’s friend Carl (Harris). The crew has to capture the “brain bug”, the Arachnid believed to be controlling the other Arachnids. Despite the high stakes, Rico and his friends capture the brain bug and save the human race.

Casper Van Dien
Dina Meyer
Denise Richards
Jake Busey
Neil Patrick Harris
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