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Starter Jacket was a product that became a fashion trend in the late 80s and early 90s, largely due to its trademarked “dopeness”. It was particularly popular in the urban and hip hop markets where maintaining “dope looks” became a crucial part of survival in day to day life.

The jacket, designed by the Starter company, was marketed alongside Starter Caps and Starter Hoodies. While these accessories still carried a certain air of dope, they lacked the sheer dope-ocity to truly force a double-take in public from potential foes or haters. If one wanted to switch up their outfit and wear a cap or hoodie instead of the jacket, they would often display a sticker assuring others they did indeed have the jacket at home and were simply tired of all the kisses the apparel constantly invoked from desirable figures.

During waves of crime, common in the period, the jackets were regularly “jacked” from stores as part of an attempt to restore a boost in the overall dope levels of impoverished communities. Unfortunately, once too many people obtained access to the jackets the inflation of value reduced the commodity from dope status to “whackity whack whack”.

To see Starter Jackets in a movie, watch Boyz in the Hood, or just any home films you can manage to steal from Ice Kube’s house.

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