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The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years is comedy-drama series that focuses on Kevin Arnold and his life through his teen years. The shows was created by Carol Black and Neal Marlens, and ran from 1988 through 1993.

The Wonder Years is told by the narration of an adult Kevin Arnold who reminisces about his teen years from 1968-to 1973. The series focuses on Kevin himself; Jack, his crotchety father; Norma, his upbeat mother; Karen, his hippie sister; and Wayne, his annoying and tormenting older brother.

The storyline also heavily focuses on Kevin’s awkward best friend Paul Pfeiffer and crush-turned-girlfriend Winnie Cooper. Kevin’s relationship with Winnie would become one of the major plot-lines of the series as the show would often focus on their trials and tribulations. In addition to family and friendships, the series would show Kevin’s undertakings in dating and school.

The Wonder Years is often cited as one of the greatest of it’s time for it’s blend of drama and humor. The show received it’s first Emmy (Best Comedy Series) after only only airing six episodes. At only 13, Fred Savage would also become the youngest actor to be nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. In total, the show won over 22 noted award during it’s run.

Aside from having one of the highest rated and beloved finales, the is famous for it’s use of Joe Crocker’s cover of The Beatles “With a Little Help from My Friends”.


Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage)

John “Jack” Arnold (Dan Lauria)

Norma Arnold (Alley Mills)

Karen Arnold (Olivia d’Abo)

Wayne Arnold (Jason Hervey)

Paul Joshua Pfeiffer (Josh Saviano)

Gwendolyn “Winnie” Cooper (Danica McKellar)



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