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Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was a video game that was created in the 1990’s. It was the beginning to a long last franchise. The game was available for Sega Saturn, Playstation and Personal Computers. The game follows the character Lara Croft. The player must guide Lara through locations and tombs in order to solve different puzzles and collect different items.

The player has to avoid different obstacles such as dangerous animals and humans. The point of the game is to find a priceless and powerful artifact that is needed in order to continue playing. The game uses a third-person shooter, following Lara from behind her.

With the success of the first video game, the franchise continued to build and is still growing. To date, there have been 14 Tomb Raider video games. In 2001, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, the movie, was created. The movie made $48.2 million in theaters.

In 2003 the franchise continued to grow and another movie was made: Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. This film however, did not do as well, only making $21.7 million. Tomb Raider was also licensed to a comic publisher in 1997. The theme park, Paramount Parks, included a Tomb Raider ride. Overall, the franchise that once started as a video game, has done very well and has continued to be a success.


Tomb Raider – I, II, and III
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelations
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Tomb Raider: Curse of the Sword
Tomb Raider: Legend
Tomb Raider: The Prophecy




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