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Wonderbra is a push-up underwire brassiere designed to uplift and add cleavage.

Wonderbra originated from the Bali Brassiere Company, which was originally known as Faye Miss Lingerie Company. The brassiere itself was not invented until 1963 by Canadien designer Louise Poirier.

The bra is said to include 54 design elements to lift and support a women’s bust which would create a dramatic cleavage. The bra’s engineering involves a three part cup construction, precision-angled back and underwire cups, removable pads called cookies, gate back back design for support, and rigid straps.

In the beginning the product was only sold in Canada, however that all changed when the company’s plunge design began to sell well in the UK. From there the brassiere was pushed hard with it’s “Hello Boys” add campaign which centered around a woman ambiguously addressing male admirers and her breasts.

The bra was later introduced stateside in 1994, which prompted rival companies such as Gossard and Victoria’s Secret to create their own brand of push-up bra.

Today the Wonderbra remains one of the most popular products in the world amongst women and can be seen modeled by supermodels everywhere.

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