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Spin City

Spin City is an American television sitcom that aired on ABC from September 17, 1996 to April 30, 2002. The show was based on a fictional local government in New York City where Michale J. Fox originally starred as the Deputy Mayor of the City, Mike Flaherty.

The show focuses on how Randall Winston (Barry Bostwick), the Mayor of New York City, and his staff, mostly how they run the city. But, the main character really is Flaherty (Michael J. Fox). The rest on the main cast include press secretary Paul Lassiter (Richard Kind), chief of staff Stuart Bondek (Alan Ruck), speech writer James Hobert (Alexander Chaplin), secretary Janelle Cooper (Victoria Dillard), accountant Nikki Faber (Connie Britton), and Carter Heywood (Michael Boatman).

The Heywood character was sort of a revelation in the media world because he was really the first gay black character in modern television. Usually, the gay character is a white man because the gay black would be displaced due to race and sexual orientation.

Unfortunately, Michael J. Fox had to leave after the 4th season in 2000 because he could no longer act while dealing with the symptoms of his Parkinson’s disease. The show moved to Los Angeles to begin the 5th season with Charlie Sheen taking place as the new Deputy Mayor Charlie Crawford and the show ended after the 6th season.

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