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Remember when the perfect lunch was a Lunchables and then some Bubble Tape for dessert? Or when we all popped gushers like it was going out of style? Here, you can relive all the crazy 1990s snack foods!

Bubble Beeper

Bubble Beeper was a brand of gum popular with kids, especially junior high and high school kids, in the 1990s. Riding the coattails of the 9 [...]

Bubble Tape

Bubble Tape is a brand of bubblegum produced by The Wrigley Company. It was introduced to the market in the late 80s, but it’s moment [...]

Capri Sun

Capri Sun is a brand of juice concentrate drink and is sold in laminated foil pouches. Capri Sun is owned and created by a German company b [...]

Coke Vanilla

Coke Vanilla is a version of Coca-Cola soda that is flavored with vanilla. Variations of Coke Vanilla date back to the 1940’s when sod [...]

Crystal Pepsi

Crystal Pepsi is a caffeine free soft drink that was created by PepsiCo in 1992. Crystal Pepsi was created when the company began to take no [...]


Dunkaroos are a cookies and icing snack from Betty Crocker that launched in 1988. Dunkaroos come in a package consisting of ten small cookie [...]


Fruitopia is a fruit-flavored drink created by The Coca-Cola Company in 1994. Fruitopia was created in response to the success of Snapple an [...]


Gushers are produced by General Mills, under the Betty Crocker brand name. They are hexagon-shaped snacks that have a squishy and chewy outs [...]


(It’s actually Guzzler, but the game misspells it.) Guzzier is a fruit beverage with vitamins produced by American Beverage Corporatio [...]


Josta was a drink that was introduced in 1995 by PepsiCo. The soft drink was considered to be the first energy drink introduced by a beverag [...]


Kraft Foods first introduced Lunchables in the U.S. in 1988. Lunchables were created as a marketing strategy for Oscar Mayer to try to sell [...]


Orbitz was a lightly sweetened fruit drink that first appeared in 1997. Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation produced the drink. It was a n [...]

Push Pop

What is Push Pop? Featured image via [...]

Ring Pops

Ring Pops are a kind of fruit flavored lollipops that are in the shape of a wearable plastic ring. The rings are made of plastic but the  [...]

Skippy Squeeze Stix

Skippy Squeeze Stix were the 9 ounce tubes of Skippy peanut butter that were popular in the 90s, especially among teens. The commercial beca [...]


SqueezeIt was a fruit-flavored soft drink that was on the market from the 1980s-2001, but gained widespread popularity during the 1990s. The [...]


What is Surge? Featured image via [...]

Taco Bell Chihuahua

The Taco Bell Chihuahua was the mascot for popular Mexican food chain Taco Bell. The chihuahua, who was named Gidget, represented Taco Bell [...]


Zima was a popular alcoholic beverage introduced by Coors in 1993. It was popular in the 90s as a lighter alternative to beer, but its popul [...]
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