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FUBU is a clothing company that is catered to the African American and hip-hop community, but is not exclusively worn by that demographic. FUBU is an acronym for “For Us By US”, which implies that the products were made by African Americans for the use of African Americans.

The company was founded in 1992 by Daymond John that started as a line of hats that he made in his house in Queens, NY. He used half of his house as a factory and half as a living space that he and his three friends, Carl Brown, J. Alexander Martin, and Keith Perrin, worked and lived in.

In 1995, Samsung invested in the company, and at FUBU’s peak in 1998, they grossed $350,000 in annual worldwide sales. They’ve since dropped in popularity in the United States and by 2003 decided to focus over seas, but recently relaunched in 2010, rebranding itself as FB Legacy.

FUBU was the first real clothing line in its market place. No other clothing company was making strictly urban clothing. FUBU created their own logo and began sewing it onto all of their products, including t-shirts, hockey jerseys and sweatshirts. The brand was greatly supported by the hip-hop industry and worn by rappers in public events, so its popularity skyrocketed.

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