The Best of the 90s

Totally 90s is your wiki destination for all things 1990s. Even though the era of Spice Girls, Scrunchies and Hot Wheels ended over 20 years ago, it doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating them! Totally 90s is a website dedicated to all things from the 1990s, ranging from Jenko Jeans to Jenny McCarthy.

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Check out our wikis to get the low down, on all your favorite 1990s cultural icons. Read fun facts, discover crazy photographs and check out old-school videos.

We have a wiki page on dozens of categories, ranging from cars to celebrities to politics and sports. We cover every 90s subject you can think of and we are constantly updating our site to make sure Totally 90s is the only site you’ll ever need for anything related to the 1990s.

Ever wondered about Mariah Carey’s early career? Or who wrote the book-turned-movie ‘About a Boy?’ Totally 90s has the answers to all your questions and more! Relive the Clinton Presidency, the dot com boom and burst. Re-experience musical classics with your walkman, follow the evolution of grunge and hip-hop. Take a trip down memory lane with Totally 90s by your side!

Our website, Totally 90s, was inspired by the popular game, Guess the 90s. Guess the 90s was made by Conversion, LLC, it is a free-to-play game and is available for all Android and all iOS devices, including iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone. This fun game gives you an image of a popular 90s trend and a letter bank. It’s up to you to use the letter bank and image to guess the 90s!

But this exciting game might make you a little nostalgic, too. That’s why Totally 90s is your one-stop destination for all things nineties. You won’t find any other decades here, just everything that totally made the 90s.

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