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Brotherly Love

Brotherly Love is a sitcom starring the famous Lawrence Brothers that premiered in 1995. The series ran for one year on NBC before being cancelled and moved to the WB network. Brotherly Love had 40 episodes in total spanning two seasons.

The show was produced by Witt/Thomas Productions in association with Touschstone Pictures for season 1 and Walt Disney Television for season 2. Brotherly Love followed Joe Roman, a young man who moves back to Philadelphia to live with his two half-brothers and step-mother after the death of his father. His younger brothers, Matt and Andy, treat Joe as a father figure and have to learn accept his flaws as much as they have to figure out their own. While Joe’s arrival brings tension to the house, his presence is a huge boon to the family dynamic.

Brotherly Love put an edgy teen twist on the classic formula of the family learning to get along story. It went through syndication after 1997 and ran re-runs on the Disney Channel.

The success of the show largely ran off the star power of its cast, three real life brothers named Joe, Matt, and Andy. Two of the boys were already famous for their work on other television programs and movie appearances. After the success of this show the Lawrence brothers were seen in popular media as teen heartthrobs and continued on to get other work.


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