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Chandler Bing

Chandler Muriel Bing is a fictional character portrayed by Matthew Perry on the television show Friends on NBC. Chandler was born in Las Vegas, Nevada to a drag star preforming father and erotic novelist mother. Chandler considers Ross Geller to be one of his oldest friends having met in college; Chandler then met Ross’s sister Monica Geller and her best friend Rachel Green while celebrating Thanksgiving dinner at the Geller residence. Chandler would later become Monica’s next door neighbor with roommate Joey Tribbiani.

In the beginning of the series Chandler enters into an on again off again relationship with Janice Hosentein. Their relationship ends when Joey see’s Janice kissing her ex-husband and tells Chandler. Chandler then confronts Janice telling her that he believes she should give the relationship with her ex-husband a second chance, they briefly reunite later in the series but Chandler ends things again telling her he is leaving to Yemen.
Later on in the series Chandler begins a secret affair with Ross sister Monica Geller that starts in London during Ross’s wedding. Monica and Chandler try and keep their relationship a secret from Phoebe, Rachel, Joey and Ross but eventually everyone finds out. Although they are both very happy together Chandler develops a problem with Monica’s ex-boyfriend Richard who earlier on in the seriesn he idolizes. When Richard tries to reunite with Monica it brings back old feelings Monica had for Richard. Realizing  how much he loves Monica, Chandler proposes and the two eventually get married at the end of season 7.

At the end of the series Monica and Chandler move to upstate New York with the intention of  starting a family, however it is revealed that Monica has problems conceiving children. In the last episode of the series Monica and Chandler finally become parents via adoption of twins Jack and Erica.

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