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Creepy Crawlers

Creepy Crawlers are a molding toy created by Mattel. It is also known as the “Thingmaker”

Creepy Crawlers were first invented and sold in 1964. The set consists of die-cast metal molds resembling various bug-like creatures, into which is poured a liquid chemical substance called Plastigoop, which comes in variety of colors. The mold is then placed at 390 degrees F atop an open face electric hot plate oven. The goop is then cured by the heat, and when cooled, is removed from the mold, forming semi-solid and rubbery toy replica.

Early molds included bugs, animals, soldiers, Peanut’s characters and more. However sales for the line declined up through the 70’s due to safety concerns.

Then in 1992, Creepy Crawlers were revived under ToyMax. The new version included the molds and plastigoop, and a new and improved safe lightbulb-powered “Magic Maker” heater. The new heater included a door that remained closed until the mold and goop had cooled enough to be handled safely. Over the next few years, ToyMax would release new molds and characters that children could create and play with.

The new plasticgoop would also change through time to include different colors and varieties so that they would work better with the new creative molds.

Creepy Crawlers was a massive hit amongst boys and girls, and a Saturday morning TV cartoon was even created as spinoff to the toy.

New Plasticgoop variations

Glow In the Dark Plasti-Goop
Scented Glamour-Goop
Glitter Glamour-Goop
Stretch Plasti-Goop
Metallic Plasti-Goop
Color Change Plasti-Goop
Plasti-Steel (Rigid -Goop for use in toy car bodies)
Eraser Plasti-Goop



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