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Crocodile Dentist

Crocodile Dentist was a popular board game for kids made by Milton Bradley. It was originally introduced in 1990 and was one of the best-selling games of the early 90s. Crocodile Dentist was created by Bob Fuhrer, a game designer who is the founder and President of Nextoy. His enjoyed success with the game spurred him to create Gator Golf, Dragonfly, and other popular board games.

Crocodile Dentist is a chance game that lets several kids play at once. They take turns using pliers to pull teeth a plastic crocodile’s teeth out of his mouth. Players had to choose carefully, since pulling the sore tooth would cause the crocodile’s mouth to shut and the player who pulled it would lose the game. The crocodile would also lunge forward after pulling the sore tooth, and although it was physically harmless, the pliers were added late in the game development period to ease fears about hurting the players.

Crocodile Dentist was an instant classic and was one of the highest-selling games during the 1991 holiday season. In 1993, a travel version was also introduced that had players push the teeth into the crocodile’s mouth instead of pulling them out. Although the board game is not nearly as popular now, it is still available to buy in stores.


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