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Doom is a 1993 science fiction first person shooter video game created by id Software. The game consists of three nine level episodes with a fourth episode released in 1995. The plot of the video game starts off with the player, who assumes the role of a marine in space, fighting off invading demons from hell. After being sent to Mars, an area the Union Aerospace Corporation is conducting experiments in, the marine has to guard the hanger that serves as the only gateway between the mission base and the moons of Mars. The marine becomes the sole human on board as he fights against demonic enemies, a cyber-demon, and his own fears of being abandoned in space. At the end of the game the marine destroys the alien mastermind that planned the invasion; all to arrive back to Earth realizing the demons have already taken over.

At its peak Doom was played by an estimated 10 million people creating a gaming subculture and popularizing the First-Person shooting genre which had not been utilized by any other game during that time. Because of this sudden booming trend FPS games became incredibly popular leading other gaming brands to release what were affectionately known as “Doom clones”.

After the sudden popularity of Doom, a franchise was created with follow up games Doom II: Hell on Earth, Master Levels for Doom II, and Final Doom. In 1997 the games source code was released to mass media leading to the games loss in mainstream popularity in the late 1990’s. In 2004 Doom 3 was released, it retold the original story using new developed technology in conjunction with the release of the video game’s first feature film. The film received mostly negative reviews by critics as well as mixed reviews from fans of the original game. Despite this public backlash it was reported at QuakeCon that Doom 4 was in-production only to be cancelled in 2013.



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