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Floam is a 1994 Nickelodeon manufactured “bubblegak” made from a foam-like substance that comes in different colors. Is was sold by RoseArt in 2002 and 2004-2010 without the Nickelodeon name. As of 2012 Floam was resold under Nickelodeon with Gak and Slime.

In 1994 Nickelodeon began advertising the Floam Sports merchandise. The set was made up of Balls, Pins, and various objects all used for different sports activities all equally made from Floam. A specific set called “Floam in Flight” was used to make objects fly by inserting a tube into the Floam creation then putting it on an air-tube launcher to make it fly. Although production was discontinued on this product for a number of years it was re-released to the public in 2012 by NSI International.

In 1995 a Floam factory was created as a fun attraction that allows you to make unique shapes and patterns all from Floam. The factory itself includes a Floam bed to lay on, different pockets, shape sizes to use morph Floam into, and a hand roller for patterns.

Floam Kits were released shortly after the success of the Floam Factory. These kits came with various colors of Floam as well as miniature models that could shape your Floam into animals, dinosaurs, flowers, bugs, etc. They came in a wide variety of colors and patterns. In 2012 the NSI produced the Floam Dome. The Dome came in four different colors: red, blue, yellow, and light purple. It came with with four cookie cutters used to make a variety of designs and shapes. A Glo Floam also came with the set in the same variation of colors, both were sold exclusively to Toys R Us.

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