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Ford Explorer

The Ford Explorer was a vehicle you could write a song about on your country guitar. It was big, bold, and downright set for explorin’. Although technically classified as a mid-size SUV, what the Ford Explorer was missing in sheer mass it made up for with bravado. It was gutsy, and rough, and the perfect vehicle for your teenagers to take to school to find potential mates.

The car has been released in five different generations so far, and plans to have many more. All so your gang of good ol’ boys can keep on truckin’.

The first generation of Explorer was classified as a Sport Utility Vehicle, and was particularly famous in the 90s for rollin’ over sometimes like a dog what found a nice spot o’ mud. This particular issue came about when the vehicle was outfitted with Firestone Tires, and that’s why you don’t put boots on a dog to begin with! A hound needs to feel the air in its nose and the earth beneath its feet.

Mazda released a similar model to the Explorer Sport called the Navajo, which won Motor Trend Truck of the Year until 1994. Try having one original idea, Mazda. Then let’s see how many awards you win, ya cowardly coyote.

Cologne V6 Engine
Rear Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive
Four Trim Levels
Automatic Headlights
Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirrors
Not Suited for Towing Due to Gear Transmission

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