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KaBlam is an animated television series airing from 1996 to 2000 on Nickelodeon. The show features storylines in a comic book style manner. There are multiple short sketches throughout the series. The hosts of the show that help introduce the sketches are Henry and June. The show also regularly used these two in their own skits as well. KaBlam was the first spinoff of the hit Nickelodeon Show, All That.

Henry and June made for a very dynamic and interesting duo. Henry tended to act more foolish and girl crazy but was realistic and shy. The two are both the same age, but Henry is portrayed as being smarter than June. June is the more sarcastic and laid-back one out of the two. She is seen as a tomboy on the show, having a bossy personality, especially toward Henry.

Some of the shorts included Sniz & Fondue, Action League Now!, and Life with Loopy. Sniz and Fondue were ferret roommates who both had completely different personalities. Action League Now followed a bunch of superheroes tht fight crime in different suburban areas. Life with Loopy follows a brother and sister duo with an adventurous mindset. There were many other shorts that were featured throughout the seasons on KaBlam.

The shorts that were featured on KaBlam also aired on various different outlets throughout Nickelodeon, such as in the beginning of movies. In 1999, Nickelodeon aired a special: The Henry & June Show. Reruns of the show ran on Nickelodeon until the end of 2001. It then moved over to their new network – Nicktoons and ran on there until 2005.


Noah Segan – Henry
Julia McIlvaine – June
Mischa Barton – Betty Ann Bongo
Rick Gomez – Sniz & Fondue
Oscar Riba – Sniq & Fondue


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