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Pepper Ann

Pepper Ann is an animated series centered around an awkward 12-year old,her best friends, and their time in middle school. The show was created by Sue Rose and produced by Disney as part their Saturday morning block. The cartoon ran from 1997 to 2000.

Pepper Ann focused on Pepper Ann, a graceless and awkward middle-schooler, who despite her best efforts to be cool, puts people off with her “nerdy” like behavior and bad timing. She is often seen with he bet friends Milo, an eccentric artist; and Nicky, an overachieving but soft-spoken violinist.

Pepper and her loyal friends were set in Hazelnut Middle School where they interacted with a large collection of characters including airhead Cissy, twins Tessa and Vanessa, and German born Dieter. Pepper was also often pitted against several people including Wayne, a rude and sexist student; and Alice, a girl who would often mock and compete against Pepper. However her main adversary was Principal Hickey, a strict enforcer of rules who would never tolerate Pepper’s antics.

Through as episode Pepper would face a moral dilemma, make a poor choice, face the aftermath,and learn a lesson. Episodes would range from Pepper dealing with pimples, dress-codes, kissing, and trying to fit in.

As one of the original cartoons on Disney’s “One Saturday Morning”, Pepper Ann was beloved by audiences and children all over.


Pepper Ann Pearson voiced by Kathleen Wilhoite

Nicky Little voiced by Clea Lewis

Milo Kamalani voiced by Danny Cooksey

Lydia Pearson voiced by April Winchell

Margaret Rose “Moose” Pearson voiced by Pamela Segall

Principal Hickey voiced by Don Adams



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