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Pokemon Cards

Pokemon Cards were collectable trading cards for the Pokemon Trading Card Game that were immensely popular in the 1990’s. The cards featured images and rules based on the Pokemon video game series developed by Nintendo.

The rules of the Pokemon Trading Card Game were heavily based on the video games. To play, players would assume the role of a Pokemon Trainer by pitting their deck of cards against another’s. Decks usually consists of around 60 cards, and there were various types of cards that could be used. The basis of all decks were basic Pokemon cards, but there were also Energy cards, Trainer cards, and Multi-type cards. Energy cards allowed for Pokemon to use certain attacks, which cost energy to use. Trainer cards were cards that allowed the trainer to impact the game in some way, usually in the form of an item.

The goal of the game was to eliminate the opponent Pokemon’s HP, or Health Points, by attacking with their Pokemon. When a Pokemon’s HP reached zero, the card was eliminated from the game and the victor would receive a Prize card. Traditionally, the first player to collect 6 Prize cards was the winner.

While there were originally only 150 different types of Pokemon in the game, new Pokemon cards were released with each addition of the Pokemon video game. Also, though there are 18 different types of Pokemon in the franchise, there are only 10 in the trading card game to simplify things. The ten different types of Pokemon are:

  • Grass
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Lightening
  • Psychic
  • Fighting
  • Darkness
  • Metal
  • Colorless
  • Dragon
  • Fairy

Due to the game’s immense popularity, worldwide tournaments were often held where the best players in the world could compete against one another. The game still maintains popularity today due to the success of its video game counterpart.


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