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Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket was a series of girls’ dolls during the 1990’s. The name originates from the small nature of the dolls, that when originally sold by Bluebird Toys had heights of less than one inch.

Polly Pocket dolls were designed in England in the late 1980’s, and first hit store shelves in 1989 under Bluebird Toys. The original Polly Pocket dolls were small, but in 1998 the franchise was bought by the toy manufacturer Mattel and the dolls were redesigned to be several inches larger. Included with the new design of the dolls were various accessories that could be used to outfit them. Mattel also introduced the Fashion Polly! line of Polly Pocket dolls the same year of their acquisition, which featured new types of easily removable plastic clothing and accessories.

There are several characters in the franchise, including a few boy dolls:

  • Polly Pocket
  • Shani
  • Lea
  • Lila
  • Crissy
  • Kerstie
  • Rick
  • Steven
  • Todd

Each doll comes with a unique look and individual traits to describe attributes such as his or her personality, interests, and fashion style.

Beyond the Polly Pocket Dolls, the characters were featured in Polly Pocket videos and books, as well as two video games: Polly Pocket: Super Splash Island and Electronic Polly Pocket.

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