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Power Wheels

Power Wheels were first created in 1984, but not until1988 did the cars really start to get attention. By 1990, they were selling over a million Power Wheels a year. The company that first developed Power Wheels was called Kransco, which was later bought out by Mattel. In 1994 Mattel and Fisher-Price merged, making them the biggest producers of Power Wheels.

Power Wheels are toy cars that kids can actually ride on and drive. The average age for riders is anywhere between one to seven years old. The toy cars are battery powered and have realistic features like, radios, doors, brake, reverse and more. They even offer cars with two seats and you can choose out of ten colors, which one fits you.

Fisher-Price created a Harley Davidson Motorcycle in 1999, which had the same effect as the cars did. They also began creating a variety of Power Wheels lines including, ATV’s, Jeeps, SUV’s, and Trucks. Currently, Fisher-Price creates models that fit the ages between a one to two year old and one that fits the ages between two and six.

The prices range from $85.00 for the smallest one all the way up to $450.00. The speeds can also reach up to 6mph, in one of their fastest models – the Corvette. Recently, they have made the Power Wheels to resemble popular and fast cars, such as the Corvette, Escalade, Ford F-150 and Ford Mustang.  The popular wheels can be found in many retailers all across the U.S.


Ford F150
Kawasaki ATV
Dune Racer
Disney Car – Lightning McQueen
Harley Davidson




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