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SqueezeIt was a fruit-flavored soft drink that was on the market from the 1980s-2001, but gained widespread popularity during the 1990s. The drink, made by General Mills, came in a plastic bottle and had a top that had to be snapped off in order to open the drink. Once it was open, the bottle had to be squeezed in order to extract the juice. This is where the name is derived from.

The drink came in many different colors and flavors, some of which include: Chucklin’ Cherry, Berry B. Wild, Grumpy Grape (later changed to Gallopin’ Grape), Silly Billy Strawberry, Rockin’ Red Puncher, Mean Green Puncher, Smarty Arty Orange, and Troppi Tropical Punch.

Each flavor also had its own character that was designed into the plastic bottle. They also had editions of the drink where you had to drop in a “color pellet” to color your drink. Another edition were the Life Savers Squeezeit. That had flavors such as Wild Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and Tropical Fruit.



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