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The Mickey Mouse Club is an American television show that aired on and off from 1955 to 1996. The show was created by Walt Disney and produced by Walt Disney Productions.


The main cast members were called ‘Mouseketeers’ and they began wearing Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears in the 1950’s. The show resurfaced and revamped itself in 1989 with an all new and younger cast, different outfits (they dropped the Mickey ears), a new network, and different thematic format.

The new Mickey Mouse Club of the 90s aired on the Disney Channel and the show featured ‘club-members’ that wore high-school like mousketeer jackets and no more of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. The show is well known for its sketch comedy and the ‘New Mickey Mouse Club’ of the 90s had more of a Saturday Night Live feel than its predecessors.

The Mickey Mouse Club had “theme” days and each of these themes were supported by comedic sketches based on well-known movies, musicals, cartoons, holidays, and popular culture. The show had a realistic element to it in so far as many of the skits featured everyday occurrences faced by teens, and often concluded with lessons on how to manage and address these real-life situations. In this way, the show had a certain moralistic element to it and the content was approachable especially due to the young ages of the cast members.

The show also featured music videos of the Mouseketeers singing their own renditions of popular songs and this was always in front of a live studio audience or at the Walk Disney World Resort. It was through the Mickey Mouse Club that a few notable singers were discovered. Three prominent examples of this are Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake. Another member who was discovered through the show is Ryan Gosling, though, unlike Britney, Christina, and Justin, Ryan Gosling was recognized for his acting abilities.

A very popular feature of the show were the live concerts and performances that were introduced only in the final season. The performances were always live and they were guest singers that sang and danced in front of the audience.

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