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Dunkaroos are a cookies and icing snack from Betty Crocker that launched in 1988.

Dunkaroos come in a package consisting of ten small cookies and about a cubic inch of frosting. The cookies are meant to be dipped into the icing and then put in your mouth. The cookies come in a variety of shapes including a circle with a “D” and the shape of the Dunkaroos’ kangaroo mascot.

The Dunkaroos‘ original mascot went by the name of Sydney, who was essentially a stereotype of Australian culture complete with safari hat, vest, and accent. The mascot was later remade as a Duncan, the dunkin’ daredevil.


Vanilla Icing with Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate Icing with Graham cookies

Strawberry Icing with Vanilla Cookies

Rainbow Sprinkle Icing with Chocolate-Chip Graham Cookies



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