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Doc Martens

Doc Martens is a footwear company that was created by Klaus Martens in 1945 after he injured his ankle while skiing. He based his product off the standard army boot, making improvements to make it more comfortable.  Klaus partnered with his friend Dr. Herbert Funck who also made improvements to the boot.

After the company began to grow, they opened up a factory in Munich in 1952.  Doc Martens sales were outstanding, making Klaus and Herbert want to market their boots internationally.  In the beginning, the shoes were for workers such as postal men and women, policemen and factory workers.

After having tremendous success in Europe, they continued to grow more in the 1990’s when the ‘grunge look’ came into style.  After a few production changes, Dr. Martens shoes continue to grow till today.  In 2012, the company was named the eighth fastest growing British company.

The company now has over 250 different types of footwear ranging all different ages and genders. Today they not only have boots but sandals, shoes, clothing, and many accessories.


Original Boots
Re-Invented Boots
Rugged Boots
Industrial Boots




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